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Accurate Calibration Inc. is not limited to servicing one industry, or one type of equipment. Our personnel have the experience and expertise in many processes and industries. This reduces the cost to our Customers and enable us to provide an excellence service.

Customer Service

ACI provides the highest calibration and testing service in the industry. We pride ourselves with extensive experience, timely service and guaranteed customer satisfaction at competitive prices

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With over 45 years of experience in the instrument industry, ACI provides high quality calibration with documentation that satisfies the industry, regulatory, and audit requirements for thousands of customers all over the country.
Established in 1992 with a commitment to excellence in service. Serving the Aerospace and Automotive industries.
ACI offers in house laboratory, field calibration and repair services.  Through a continuing effort at improving our equipment and procedures, ACI remains on the leading edge of calibration services and troubleshooting based upon industry specs.
Check our Service List page for the industries we specialize in.
We are more prepared than ever to meet the demands of ever-increasing compliance and a more challenging market place.
Best accuracy and customer service means our customers get performance that exceed expectations.

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About Us

Understanding your process needs and providing the highest quality professional service is why Accurate Calibration’s customers have continued to support our success. Accurate Calibration was establish in 1993 as a customer driven service. We have grown over the years by continuing to focus on customer satisfaction, employing the best of people, using state of the art test equipment, superior operating procedures and quality documentation.

Accurate Calibration provides the highest calibration and testing services in the industry. We pride our-self with extensive experience, timely service and guaranteed customer satisfaction ant competitive prices.

Accurate Calibration’s commitment to service and quality was established from the very beginning and has continued ever since. Our growth and continued success is a direct reflection of our partnership with our customers. Accurate Calibration accreditation to ISO/17025:2005 & ANZI/NCSL Z540

What They Say About Us

Bodycote Thermal Processing

As Quality Manager for Bodycote thermal Processing, I am pleased to recommend to you Accurate Calibration Industrial. I have worked with ACI for more than fourteen years and I am very impressed with their work.
ACI has been the sole company in calibrating our instruments, performing our Temperature Uniformity Survey and supplying our thermocouple wire. The work performed by ACI is essential in operating our company. Their technical knowledge, flexibility and eagerness to service our company made a major impact in our growth.
I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend  Accurate Calibration Industrial to You.
I am certain they will be a tremendous asset to your company.

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Marcia Bell
Quality Manager
Bodycote Thermal Processing

Precision Coil Spring Company

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m pleased to recommend Accurate Calibration Industrials Services to your company. Over the past 12 years I worked directly with ACI and extremely satisfied with their work.
Their services, Dependability, Straightforward Honesty  and accuracy are top-notch, and we have been very pleased with the work they do for us.
Through the years, Accurate Calibration Industrials has been on time and on budget. I recommend them without hesitation and looking further for many more years of excellence service.


William Turek
V.P. Manager
The Precision Coil Company

Industry Expertise

With our extensive experience across a wide range of industries, ACI delivers world-leading, industry-specific customer experience solutions.


Calibration services

Reliable Calibration Service custom design to meet your process and quality requirements. ACI is the industry leading expert based on experience, quality, flexibility, and excellence customer service.

Product Offered

ACI offers a wide range of products ranging from Thermocouples to Temperature recorders. All instrument products are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by factory warranties and outstanding technical.

Temperature Uniformity Survey

ACI has extensive experience in performing TUS surveys on all type’s of furnaces. Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience performing TUS surveys from small test lab ovens to extremely large furnaces.

Maintenance/ Troubleshooting

ACI through many years of experience has acquired a high level of problem solving to all type’s of equipment at a very reasonable cost.

Satisfied Clients
Cups of Coffee
Years of Experience
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Why Choose ACI?


ACI has the experience and knowledge to partner with you to maintain and optimize your processes. Using advanced technologies and highly trained professionals, ACI brings capabilities to your facility and organization that are unmatched by anyone in the field.
ACI staff of highly trained professionals who excel at trouble shooting and will assist you when audited.


ACI uses documented processes and procedures to insure consistent and accurate results at your facility. In addition, ACI invests in the development and growth of our professional staff through continuous training and providing state of the art tools and equipment to meets the needs of our customers.


Our Technicians integrate into your organization to become part of your team, fully explaining and informing you of all the situations that effect your operation and developing a solution for your issues at hand. Our staff understand that for ACI to be successful, we must work to make our customers successful.


ACI is not tied to any specific equipment or process control system, this allows us to select and recommend products to produce a solution that offers the best performance at the best valued price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is calibration important?

Test equipment monitoring must assure that all equipment used for assuring product quality measures “correctly”.
In order to ensure that this is the case, all equipment must be calibrated on a regular basis, and must be traceable to national standards. Obtained, measured values must be documented as well. Accurate Calibration is accredit by ANAB in accordance with ISO 17025

What is calibration?

Calibration is a process by means of which deviation of the display value  from the actual value is determined and documented for a given measuring instrument, or deviation of the output quantity from the nominal value for a given test instrument.
Measurement is thus performed which allows for a comparison of the device under test to a precise standard which can be traced back to national standards by means of a documented process. The objective of this process is to recognize and document deviations.

What if the values displayed by the measuring instrument is found to be outside the allowable tolerance range?

There are two options available:

1. The instrument is adjusted in order to bring its values back into the allowable tolerance range, and then re-calibrated.

2. Adjustment is deliberately omitted because the user wants to document measuring deviation for long-term use of his measuring or test instrument during defined periods.

Who benefits from ACI calibration certificate?

All customers who have implemented a quality control system in accordance with national standards.
Companies can rest assured that all the equipment calibrated by ACI that is used for the assurance of product quality measures correctly and is traceable to national standards.

What is the recommended calibration interval?

In order to continuously perform correct measurements, measuring and test equipment must be monitored and calibrated on a regular basis. The corresponding period is known as the calibration interval. Calibration should be performed in accordance to national standards requirements.

What is the purpose of Temperature Uniformity Survey?

All furnaces and ovens should be properly instrumented and periodically tested for uniformity.
The purpose of the uniformity survey is to determine the range of temperatures present at different locations in the furnace under normal operating conditions. A furnace is normally qualified through an initial comprehensive survey. This involves determining temperature variations by surveying at different ranges of temperatures. After initial qualification, periodic survey needs taken in accordance to national standards requirements. A uniformity survey should also be performed after any major repair to the furnace or when the operating integrity of the equipment may be in question.

Do I need to calibrate my oven and run a temperature uniformity survey if I do not need to comply with national standards?

Yes. Performing a process at the incorrect temperature is a frequent source of bad results or poor quality. Many material properties are temperature dependent, so ensuring that your temperature measurement is accurate is often critical for achieving good results. Variability of temperature either in accuracy of uniformity is a significant, and often unrecognized, contributor to reduce product quality and will result in a failed product.

Does ACI calibrate and run TUS on Vacuum Furnaces?

Yes. The survey is performed by locating thermocouples at various locations within the usable working zone of the furnace. The exact location of the survey thermocouples varies between specifications. At least nine thermocouples will be located at points covering the outer extreme and the center of the working zone. ACI calibrates many types of furnaces/ovens. For complete list press here.

What is ACI accreditation?

Accurate Calibration Ind. Is certified to: ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANZI/NCSL

So why use ISO 17025 Accredited?

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Service organization offer’s the highest level of confidence that calibrations are accurate, repeatable, and trustworthy. ACI Accredited to ISO 17025 is routinely audited by accreditation bodies to assure that the service ACI is actively maintaining and operating is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17025. using ACI takes the burden of proof and compliance away from the operators and managers and puts the responsibility in the hands of ACI and the Accreditation Body.

Why verify Temperature?

Performing a test of running a process at the incorrect temperature is a frequent source of bad results. Variability of temperature in accuracy or uniformity is a significant contributor to reduce quality in products and inconsistency in test data. In order to assure that temperature are correct it is important to run temperature verification procedures that meet the most common requirements of laboratories and related manufacturing processes. ACI can verify accuracy on all types of equipment that utilize temperature control.

Can I speak to a Spanish-speaking representative?

Yes. We have customer service Representatives that will be happy to speak to you in Spanish.

How long do you guarantee your quote?

If you have received a written quote from us, the pricing will be honored for 60 days unless otherwise agreed.

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November 2017

Accurate Calibration Industrial Launches a New Website

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ACI Client Portal

ACI Client Portal is a Web-accessible, interactive tool on a secure website that is used for file sharing and storage. This will ensure that you the customer will always have the correct version of your certificates available for safe, secure access at any time.

No more lost attachment, no more miscommunication. With a single point of access, you will be able to access all certificates.

To log in you will be required to have active login credentials provided by Accurate Calibration Industrial.

No longer will you have to worry about losing important certificates. With ACI client portal, you will have an immediate access to revised version of a certificate.

Security is a great concern when it comes to file sharing online. However, portal software provided are indeed secure. Only recipient who receive an email from ACI will have access to the files. After the client has signed in, they will receive a message to view or download the stored files.

ACI Client portal is easy to use. Just follow guided instruction.

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ACI offers an extensive range of calibrations for testing instruments and related equipment. We perform calibration both on site and at our calibration lab.

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