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Online Privacy Statement

At Accurate Calibration industrials, we recognize that our customers are concerned about the manner in which we collect information; the privacy of the information that we collect; and our plans for using this information. Our goal is to ensure that we only gather information about you that you want us to have.

The following provides details about how and why Accurate Calibration industrials collects customer information, what we do with customer information and how you can control access to and distribution of the information that you provide us.

Why does Accurate Calibration industrial collect customer information?

One of the ways we ensure that we are developing products or services that meet the needs of our customers is to gather information from them. We like to know who our customers are, what types of products and services they use, and what their products and services expectations are. This information is gathered solely for the purpose of providing our customers with more interesting and relevant information as to how our products and services can assist them in improving their production and quality control.

What does Accurate Calibration industrial do with the information it collects?

It is always our objective to collect only that information necessary for us to send you information relevant to your interest and applications. Information we collect will be used by us to better understand our customer needs and to keep them informed of the latest developments in the field of Calibration.

Is it mandatory that I provide Accurate Calibration industrials with my personal information?

No. Accurate Calibration industrials offers a large proportion of the information within its web site freely to all customers. However , certain information and services can only be provided with a minimal amount of personal information. In short, as a responsible business partner to thousands of companies , we strive to treat customers with respect and in the manner in which we prefer to be dealt as.

Will Accurate Calibration industrials provide my information to a third party?

No. Accurate Calibration industrials will not sell, transfer, or assign your information to any third party without your permission.

How do we contact Accurate Calibration industrials?

See our Contact Us page for details on the many ways you can contact us